Milk Haus. A cook. A vegetable garden. A passion for fresh food. A leap of faith.
  ABOUT Milk Haus  




Situated in the old Cheese Factory at Woodstock, Milk Haus is a wholefoods café that aims to deliver fresh, honest, simple fare food—free of toxins, preservatives & anything artificial… Good food that makes you feel energised & alive!


So back to the basics.


We start with growing the basics here at the farm and utilising the produce of like minded local farmers, fishermen, artisans and home gardeners. We are not aiming to be certified organic, just simply to practice farming as nature intended, being conscious and respectful to our land, our bodies, all insects and animals.  Eating more vegetables and less meat is a good step towards a more sustainable way of living.


To have as little to no wastage,  to recycle, up-cycle and compost being thoughtful to the amount of waste we generate into landfill. Our footprint has to be as minimal as possible, in achieving a sustainable and responsible business model.


Our small kitchen team is a collective of passionate people, individuals that want for something cleaner, to produce food that will enhance wellbeing and vitality. Let’s swap out transfats and use healthier fats; let’s allow vegetables to take centre stage rather than being something on the side; let’s use local produce so we don’t have to worry about food miles and finally let’s have some fun with food.


Our garden team is always working on something whether it be weeding, designing new garden features, seasonal planting, weeding again, practicing patience. It takes a lot of hard work and love to bring fresh, delicious produce from the garden to table. One that we hope you appreciate.


Milk Haus is open for breakfast and lunch, Thursday to Monday. Private functions are welcome too.


When the flower blooms, the bees come uninvited – Ramakrishna