Healthy recipes to 'Nourish You Inside and Out' with Jody Vassallo - Milk Haus
Milk Haus—situated in the old Cheese Factory at Woodstock, is a wholefoods cafe that aims to deliver fresh, honest, simple fare, free of toxins, preservatives and anything artificial. Good food that makes you feels energised and alive.
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Healthy recipes to ‘Nourish You Inside and Out’ with Jody Vassallo

Healthy recipes to ‘Nourish You Inside and Out’ with Jody Vassallo


A single day workshop on Ayurveda cooking and exploring an Indian health practice thought to be 5000 years old. Jody is a passionate recipe writer, food stylist, health coach, yoga and avid traveller. Her delicous recipes allow you to be in and out of the kitchen pretty quickly with as little fuss and fluff as possible. Having said that flavour is never comprised.

The workshop will be held on Sunday 28th August at Milk Haus at $225 per person, Jody’s book ‘Beautiful Food’ will also be available for purchase at the workshop. Make sure to book your place quickly as there are only limited spaces!

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